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10 Things I Believe

In simple terms and using interesting expressions, fellow bloggers Joe Gerstandt and Laurie Ruettiman told me about the things they believe that inform and direct their work.

Reading theirs, I was inspired and decided to try to create my own list of things I believe.

I am fascinated by the things I chose. I share it with the hope of understanding whether my views are similar or unique compared to others in the profession.

I believe:

  1. Doing the right thing is difficult, nearly impossible at times. The right thing is absent of budget, pleasing others or political expediency. It is something you have to do even when it hurts. Doing the right thing is an obligation of our profession.
  2. A lot in life, including employment, is still predetermined by your gender, birth date, location of birth and parents. Or to quote Everlast’s song What It’s Like, “You know where it ends. Yo, it usually depends on where ya start”. That this is true makes me angry and frustrated and life is unfair.
  3. I come across as more feministic than I intend to. While I marvel at the splendour of women who kick a decidedly female dent in traditionally male dominated fields, I have no bias against men, and in fact I am surrounded by great men. We need to stop dissing men and what they bring to the workplace experience.
  4. Our lives have soundtracks and they are based upon your life’s context. My life’s soundtrack includes Pink Floyd, Steve Miller, George Harrison, Talking Heads, Tragically Hip and Collective Soul. Put everyone’s individual soundtracks together, and you end up with a very noisy workplace!
  5. True love and passion are confused concepts. True love is not something you experience when you are young and strong. Passion is not something you maintain when you are old and grey. Great people have experienced both.
  6. It is too easy to be busy; it is much more difficult to be focused. When I can’t focus, I try to be busy. Watch for this trait in others at work because it isn’t all that productive.
  7. Dogs are such good friends because they shut up, listen and encourage you to play. Take this advice and structure your management style accordingly.
  8. White lies aren’t lies. But they are also not part of doing the right thing and they shouldn’t be a part of your performance management system.
  9. We have to get out of this “everyone gets a trophy” mentality. There are winners and non-winners (I’d say losers but that isn’t politically correct). You can’t motivate the winners if there’s no difference in the rewards. Like in the game show expression, “Thanks for coming out”.
  10. Whoever told parents that it was OK to call their adult child’s employer to complain about their kid’s treatment at work should be muzzled. If you’re one of those parents, STOP IT. Look, there is something called the facts of life, and one of them is that at some point you have to push your kids out the door and let them fend for themselves. I’m not talking to you about your son or daughter. They’ll never get stronger if they let you do the hard work.

What are the things you believe?


  1. Quick response:
    1. I completely agree with you. Not only an obligation to our profession, but also to ourselves.
    2. I can’t agree (or at least won’t allow my self to agree) with this. You can overcome anything! But you’re right in that Life Is Not Fair!
    3. I’ve never known you to be anything but fair and unbiased – don’t change!
    4. Add a little Jimmy Buffett sometimes. Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude. Breath In, Breath Out, Move On.
    5. …and successful people continue to seek both.
    6. So true, thanks for the insight, I’ll try to watch for it in myself.
    7. That’s why I have two dogs! Can’t have enough of a good thing. 😉
    8. Truth, and honesty require strength of character… strive for them.
    9. We could use a little less Politically Correctness, life is not fair, everyone doesn’t get the same, complacency in not good! (Dare I say Union mentality will stifle economies, innovation and personal, professional growth).
    10. Failure to Launch! Totally agree.

    All the best Bonnie!
    Keep on being you, we luv it!

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