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20 Simple Ways to Grow Your Career & Get New Shoes

As HR professionals we often end up as the shoemaker’s children. We focus our attention on meeting the needs of the employees in our organization. That’s our job and we’re good at it.

When it comes to career management, we encourage employees to take ownership. We remind them that how far they go in their career really depends on them. Makes sense, right?

After years of helping others become successful, many of us lose sight of our own development and ensuring that we, too, continue reaching new levels of excellence. Refocusing on ourselves is critical to HR leading our organizations by example. It sets us up to be the true advisors to the business; not just with theoretical models but from practical experience of what works.

Here are 20 ways that you can take ownership of your own career development and be a leading example for other to follow:


  1. Write a post on LinkedIn’s blogging platform. This positions you as an expert and builds your personal brand.
  2. Intentionally network with peers in your industry. Relationships matter. Author Allison Graham says “Networking, when done properly and professionally, will help you achieve whatever you can imagine.”
  3. Follow the social media profiles of top leaders in your industry. Learn what they’re talking about and what trends they’re paying attention to.
  4. Share an article that that caught your attention. Help others learn something new too.
  5. Start a blog. Offer actionable advice to your readers that will help them progress and grow on their career journey.
  6. Publish an ebook on a subject you’re passionate about. Tap into what gets you fired up, research it, and spread the word.
  7. Set aside 20 minutes every day to read a blog with industry news. It can be a leading blog or one that is up & coming. As long as it has relevant ideas and commentary, build it into your daily routine.
  8. Reconnect with the area of HR that drew you into the profession in the first place. Was it compensation, recruitment, or leadership development? Seek out the latest information & keep your expertise fresh.
  9. Sit in on training your client group is going through. This puts you directly into their shoes and gives you a natural talking point for future meetings.
  10. Invite a business leader into your next team meeting to provide a business update. This helps you learn what keeps them up at night and builds your relationship with a key stakeholder.
  11. Invite another member of HR to share their priorities & challenges with your team. It shares knowledge & builds lasting alliances.
  12. Attend one networking event per month. Have a meaningful conversation with someone new. Bring business cards!
  13. Schedule time in your calendar to follow up with people you met at networking events. Take action & share ideas within 48-hours of the event.
  14. Volunteer at an upcoming industry conference. As a volunteer, you can often attend sessions for free!
  15. Host a mastermind or think tank on an industry hot topic. Bring a group of smart people together and share ideas on the impact this will have on your organization.
  16. Host a 45-minute lunch & learn for your team. Teach your newest Excel hack and develop your facilitation skills at the same time.
  17. Volunteer to run the next team meeting on your manager’s behalf. This takes something off your manager’s to-do list (score!) & helps you learn how to run an effective meeting.
  18. Host a book club in your office. Choose a business book that everyone can benefit from and trade ideas on each person’s key takeaways.
  19. Host a training session in your area of expertise. Recruiters can teach how to get the most out of LinkedIn or ways to share jobs through social media.
  20. Mentor an up & coming HR professional. Be a leader, give back, and make a difference in a young person’s career.


The key to managing your career is taking small steps every day towards your own development. It’s an important part of leading by example in our organizations and maintaining credibility. Let’s put ourselves first, HR friends. It’s time to get some new shoes.

How do you build your career? Comment below and let’s keep this list of ideas growing.

If something here resonated with you, please share this post! You never know how you’ll inspire someone else to take action.

Cindy Harvey is the Founder of Amelia Dee Consulting where she helps purpose-driven professionals to build careers that fit them like a glove and create lifestyles with the freedom, flexibility, and fun that they crave. To learn more, get in touch at or visit


  1. This is some really great advice that even folks who aren’t in HR could benefit from. Thanks for the thought leadership. Your suggestion about blogging was confirmation for me as it’s something that I’ve been thinking about doing for a while.

    • Hi Anastasia, I’m glad to hear the ideas were helpful & sparked your thoughts about starting a blog! How exciting!!

      Thanks very much for reading my post & for commenting. Good luck with your new blog venture!

      Cindy 🙂

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