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A Project for Brian–An Update

Last week, I wrote a blog asking for help from the readers of this blog.

I want to thank those who spent the four minutes to help my friend Brian Oughton.

As of the time of posting this blog, more than 300 individuals clicked on my blog. Approximately 25 individuals wrote to me or to Brian to offer their assistance, or they wrote just to let us know that they had done the exercise and it yielded no results. It has been fun for me to watch some of the connections and re-connections come in. For those who have responded, I hope there is some way that I can return the favour in the near future.

Brian is currently working through those connections. Some have been connections to search professionals in the U.S. with personal introductions, which have been great.

I will keep you posted on Brian’s progress.

If you are reading this note but did not read last week’s entry, please scroll down.


  1. Just reading this now. Hadn't read your original blog on Brian. So glad that it worked out. I would love to help in future if/when appropriate. We are a powerful force when we connect and engage with each other. Let me know if I can do anything.

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