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Advice to SHRM–Announce Your Presence With Authority

One of my favourite movies is Bull Durham. There are so many lines that have become legendary; I could spend a whole day quoting them.

In one scene, Nuke, the pitcher, wants to throw fast balls and not a mixture of pitches. He tells Crash, the catcher, I want to “announce my presence with authority!”.

Well we all know how that strategy played out. The batter got a free steak.

You need a curve ball.

I live and work in a country where in an HR association context, SHRM is a minor player. Yes, from time-to-time I meet fellow SHRM members, but SHRM doesn’t seem to have much of a presence. I find this so interesting, given that:

  1. SHRM is an international association.
  2. SHRM has a development strategy that includes continued expansion.
  3. Toronto is home to so many U.S.-based corporations in which you need to understand international business culture.
  4. There is an appetite for something different.

My advice to SHRM: come to Canada; I mean really, come to Canada. Announce your presence with authority. Use your fast ball. And, change it up. Throw a deuce. Add a new dynamic to our industry. Find your niche in the international space.

The timing is perfect.

After all, “the road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom. William Blake.”

William Blake?


  1. I totally agree. I personally hold two HR certifications from SHRM and unfortunately people in Toronto are not familiar with it. It was a surprise to me because in most other countries, it’s very well-known.

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