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Are you still here?

Photo Credit: Andrew Morffew, Flickr

It has been a very long time since I’ve paid attention to this blogsite.  In the past couple of years I’ve used it to blog during conferences but that’s about it.

The site shows its age; weathered, stale.  It was developed over ten years ago. I had all sorts of ideas and I was passionate. In the beginning it had a lot of traffic.

But times have changed. I left for a while.

So I want to know, “Are you still here”?  I’m very curious about this. I’m not sure who is still milling about.

I’m not exactly sure why I stopped blogging regularly.  I used to enjoy writing and keeping up with the site.  Most important I valued the connections I made from it.

When I started, while I was hopeful about the blogsite’s prospects, I never expected that success would be tied to a community of bloggers, and readers, interested in engagement and talking all things HR.  I had no idea whether the site would have an audience, which it did, for a time.

I have often said that HR is a lonely business.  In many organizations, an HR team is just one or two people.  Whether they are agents of engagement or paper pushers, well that’s dependent upon a number of factors, not all talent or capability related. Having like minded people out there, even if just on the wires, was comforting to me.

Things changed a few years ago.  In my opinion, HR blogging became less about connecting and more about getting attention, like we were another version of the Kardashians.  I couldn’t keep up, didn’t want to keep up. Also, it seemed that the social media engines tried to own everything.  Monetizing impacted content for the worse.  And I feel that Trump ruined Twitter for normal people.

For me personally, I had the chance to do some other things and I turned away.  You know, hiking and stuff.  And work has been insanely busy.

I stopped reading blogs.  Sorry, if you were or still are a regular blogger, in the most Canadian way, I apologize for stopping.  It started gradually but then one day I realized I wasn’t reading them anymore. It wasn’t your content, it was me.  I didn’t evolve into the world of podcasts, I just sort of checked out.

So why am I writing this?

I’m thinking of coming back to blogging, maybe not this site specifically, maybe not in the first person.  But I am definitely thinking about blogging again.

Are you still here?  If yes, let me know.

If you are here, what are you up to?  Are you still interested in blogs?

Where can I find you?

Is there a chance we can reconnect?

I look forward to hearing from you, in whatever way you feel like reaching me.




  1. your timing is interesting as i have recently made a commend about how i haven’t seen your blog and i always find them inspirational. as i am looking for a new contract in TA I find that your blog always motivated me.

  2. Funny this pops up now… literally thought of this last week….that I never see any posts….

    Yes. I’m still here…..

  3. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised to see this pop up and one of my social feeds. Ironically, I was just talking to someone a week or two ago about the EO List. And I, like you, stopped reading blogs like I used to. I haven’t even written a blog post recently. Nice to see that you’re considering making a comeback. I’ll keep my eyes open

  4. I’m still here. I used to enjoy your entries and as you drifted away, I found other ways to amuse myself. 🙂
    I would love to see new posts. Hoping you find joy in your postings.


  5. Hi Bonni – Great to have you pop your head up! I am still blogging over at – seems that career advice never gets old!


  6. Hi

    I am one on the many who used to read your blogs. I was moving to Canada and started reading your blogs in 2016. Your articles and blogs were really informative for me. I was hoping you would start to write again and I am really glad you decided to.

    Looking forward to read your next blog.
    Your blogs were not just blogs, they were a way to connect to HR Professionals, share information on available opportunities, and help each other. You created a platform to help jobseekers and industry professional and am happy you decided to make a comeback . Good luck and thanks for your time & effort.


  7. Hello, Bonni. Yes, I’m still here. I still read blogs on occasion, I subscribe to a few that provide me with inspiration.

    I would definitely subscribe to your feed once again. I used to read it regularly, so I say Go For It!!!

  8. Bonni! So funny, I was JUST speaking about you the other day to my VP. Glad to see you are still around.

  9. Hello Bonni! I too, was thinking about the EO list circulation and your updates. I am still intersted and have thought about blogging. Just need to make time for it, somehow. I am certainly still ‘here’ and would read your content. Looking forward to it!!

  10. I read too many blogs! They all seem so relevant and informative. Any writing I do is currently published on LI and in the future will also be on my website.

    That being said, I enjoyed your blogs and will definitely look forward to reading them again if you begin writing again.

    Finally, I envy your being ‘insanely busy’.

  11. Hi Bonni,
    I referred lots of HR folks to your newsletter /blogs and love the way you are so genuine and down to earth! Do what makes you feel happy and fulfulled!

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