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Is Social Media the New Flavor in Recruitment?

It’s the name everywhere, the new flavor of recruitment, time effective, cost effective and the right connection in minutes, so savvy & contemporary, and the magic is “social media”.

Bygone are the days when companies or recruiters advertised positions, screened responses, had live meetings, made assessments and presented their synopsis and profiles.  Then there were the arrays of interviews and finally the inductions.  There was so much time spent to eventually trace the right find.

How about working smart in the 21st Century?  A click does it all!!

Everyone wants to go green, a paperless office, competencies defined in minutes and unravel the talent “the cream of the crop” to the hiring managers in no time. Well!! It is time for action.

Social media a seamless boundary to connect with potential employees, perform research on employers, and identify talents.  It also can be used to uncover a person’s social skills in the electronic world.  It is a powerful tool for building relationships.  It is a reference guide.

I am a great fan of social media and use it for transparency, to gain insight into the wisdom of people, and to work quickly to source talent.

How about you?

The Recruitment Bouquet

I, along with many of my peers have often been asked this question, “Would you have any local experience?”

Sure, so many queries, inhibitions run through the minds.  Would local experience mean the tactical knowledge or the local industries, since everyone wants to attract the best?  

Recruitment has so many flavours across the globe, exposed to different methods, techniques, cultures and organizations.  Yet, we practice the same set of talents, skills and expertise on a wider platform across the world.  I know for a fact that knowledge and awareness is the key for the transition.  What more can we ask for from people who have been exposed to the rhythm of countries worldwide?

In the advent of time, the bridges of recruitment are being narrowed down through various networks, social media and associations.  Talents are hard to find anywhere and everywhere and it is so rewarding an experience to find the right personality, talent, expertise, skills in the industry.  Toronto is a place where there is a fusion of people across the world, a bouquet of personalities, with the experience and knowledge–what a beautiful piece of world it is…

Here, we find the best of thoughts, expression, beliefs, and success stories that bind together to make a platform of innovation and creativity… 

“Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.” – Bill Gates