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Between the Spreadsheets

Yesterday, my husband John and I co-facilitated a workshop on Excel for HR Pros.

Surprisingly, the preparation part was kind of fun. We didn’t kill each other. There was no fighting. I thought through what types of things may be of interest to the HR Pros, and John would figure out the examples and explanations that would be effective.

On the day before the workshop, we spread materials out across the tables in our training room, and began weaving things together to make a cohesive presentation. I would talk about the “what’s and why’s”; he would explain the “how-to’s”. I thought this would work well given that I don’t normally facilitate workshops involving this heavy of technical material and he has this calming personality that is effective for delivering complexity at the right speed.

At the beginning of the workshop, I explained to the group (sold out session by the way), the history behind the preparation. “It was love”, I said. That got a lot of smiles from the audience.

You see, there was nothing unnatural about preparing this session together, because our Excel usage is something we’ve always done together. His has been a life of phone calls from me asking, “Here’s my scenario. What formula do I need to make that work? (Oh and by the way babe, can you make it for me?).”

I thought we were unique, until the workshop.

It seems that there are many HR Pros who are in a similar ying/yang relationship. Most of us in HR have organized minds but barriers to developing VLookups and nested If/then/else statements.

So I guess it can be said that love happens, between the spreadsheets.


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