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Brian has a Job!

It brings me a lot of joy to be able to type out those words.

I wish I could say definitively that the Four Life-Changing Minutes campaign was directly related to Brian’s success.

It isn’t that simple.

First and foremost, Brian got a job because Brian made it happen.

He wrote me to say that he received loads of support from members of The EO List and other blog readers, and that the encouragement kept him going. He also said that he learned a lot about networking through the process. I suspect the confidence gained was a help.

Being around supportive people was also a help.

Even better news is that the job is in the midwest so he doesn’t have to completely uproot his family.

Quite frankly, a great guy landed somewhere and that’s all that matters to me.

Following the Winter Olympics this year, NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams wrote a blog in which he thanked the Canadians for reminding us of the value of civility, and generally for being nice people. The fact that so many of them lined up to participate in the LinkedIn experiment is just more evidence that what Brian Williams said is true.

So, what are you going to do today to help someone else in need?

Personally speaking, I think I need a new feel good project.

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