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The Day I Started In HR

This blog post is part of our “Day In the Life” series offered this summer.

Picking up a day to write about doesn’t come easy when everyday of the journey has stories to share and celebrate. While writing this post, I decided to share the story of my first official day on job as HR (I had worked as HR intern prior). Of course I had stuffed myself with everything that was written in HR books during management degree days but some things are better learned from experiences. While sailing through the day a little anxious, little enthusiastic, I learned some essentials of an HR career.

“To err is Human” isn’t for HR

Making a typo mistake or missing out on an important date sound like common human errors …Right? But for HR it is not. HR is expected to be free from regular and repeated mistakes. An eye for details is a crucial part of the job. I learned my lesson by making a similar typing error. Of course, HR is entitled for its share of errors but they are trusted with accuracy.

 For HR, no employee concern is silly

As part of my orientation I was accompanying a colleague(also in HR) to all departments, meeting all teams. Along the way, she was talking to employees about everything from cafeteria menu, to over-time issues, personal concerns and many more. She was listening to each and everyone compassionately. “No problem is silly, we have to listen to them all” she said and taught me the core of employee engagement.

HR is mostly about historical data

I felt good when an employee walked to me to discuss something (I can’t really recall the conversation now) but then he instantly turned to my colleague saying “Oh, she would understand my case better”. Though I was too new for employees and the organization but I was very disappointed on this. Now I understand why they say “HR must not change jobs frequently”. Building trust with employees takes time.

Today, HR talks about business, strategy and technology more than it did ever before. Yes, we as Human Resource professionals have moved out of so called administrative role and wear our HR hat with dignity but basis of the role still hold strong. As is said, that the day you can say “I know all there is to know about HR” will never come and thus the journey continuous, learning and unlearning with experiences every day.


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