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Diversity as We Practice

You don’t always need a feedback form to understand how your employees feel about your company’s work culture.

I was in conversation with an employee who wanted to resign. It was just a little over 2 months he had moved here from a different work location and he wanted to go. He was staying at company’s guest house with other employees and was not very happy about it. He thought we was not being accepted well as he came from a different culture and spoke a different language. A new accommodation would not solve his problem. All he had to say was – “It’s not about place, it’s about people”

Yes, more than anything else it’s the employee behavior that defines an organization’s work culture. On their mission to become a preferred diversity employer and attract best talent and clients, organizations sometimes miss to analyze if their current workforce is equipped to handle diversity in terms of gender, lifestyles and cultural background. Diversity doesn’t end with recruiting people with differences; it’s a responsibility to cultivate an environment where everyone feels valued and is willing to contribute. The transition from diverse to inclusive workforce becomes easier with little awareness and consideration at work

  • Talking about differences is a taboo for many but at times it helps. Sometimes letting people share their differences with others help to improve mutual respect and understanding.
  • Is your recruitment team well trained to understand and address diversity? While hiring the best fit, they must also check if the organization is a good fit for new hires.
  • Communication might be a barrier when people from different cultural background or countries interact. Small workshops /interactive sessions can teach employees the essentials on an honest, clear and open communication.
  • A well informed and empathic HR team to address any diversity issues when they arise.
  • Festivals and celebrations are for everyone and must be shared with everyone. Offering some work flexibility to employees on such occasions is an indication that you respect and value them.
  • In-house programs for coaching, mentoring and guiding employees to adjust to a new environment and people helps building a workforce that embraces diversity.

It is not always possible to stop people from leaving but accepting them with their differences when they stay is important for a healthy work culture. To sustain a diverse workforce, diversity must be in practice at all levels.

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