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EO Redux-You Can’t Take it Back

We are re-sharing some of our favourite EO blogs this month from the archives.  This one is from May 2010, and is entitled, You Can’t Take it Back.

There’s a lot about this post that I like, even if I wrote it.

I like that I incorporated the lyrics to TPOF’s song, I’m an Adult Now.  The HR bloggers I like out there can do this with fluidity; it doesn’t come naturally to me.

The post is not about being an adult, but yet it is.

It is an interesting in-time piece.  In 2010, social media was still like the wild west.  Like rock and roll.  Keep your children away, and adults, tread carefully.

Yet, when you re-read this blog post, it is just as true today as it was then.  The dangers of social media are still there, and in fact the faux pas that we may have posted many years ago are still there for everyone to see.

The Twitters seems to be alive this week with yet more stories of people being fired for inappropriate social media use.  Maybe if they had read this post, they might have thought twice.

So, without further delay, here is the link to an old favourite. . .

You Can’t Take It Back


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