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EO Redux–When Not to Blog

We are celebrating our past this December by reposting some gems from early EO.

In 2015, we opened up the podium to many first-time HR bloggers.  We’ve had a wealth of interesting post, providing a breath of fresh air on the site.  Some newbie bloggers enjoyed the experience so much that they submitted additional ones, which is great.  For those who submitted, thank you.

As the lead blogger here, I have to admit that I’ve been struggling to write content this year.  Concurrently, I have been writing a book and it has made coming up with blog material more difficult.  The thing I’ve learned is that the sentence structure and content of a blog and a book are not the same thing, and at times it is difficult to switch gears.

The link here is for a blog written in May 2011 when apparently I had another bout of writers block.  The post offers some sage advice about when not to blog; like when you are drunk, sad or sleepy.  After all, you want a blog post to make sense and avoid potential litigation.

This post also fits in with your theme last week about acting like an adult when you blog.

So with no further delay; here is a link to a great old post:

When Not to Blog

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