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Finding What You Love

I trust you had a great weekend. To make a bold statement, I had a great weekend.

Some of you may be very surprised to learn that I have a bit of an addiction to muscle cars, specifically Mustangs. I love looking under hoods and talking shop with people who really understand the mechanics. My fascination with Mustangs is probably an underlying reason why I have pursued HR projects in the automotive industry. There’s a history to this. When I was little, my father had one and so I was connected to one really early on in life.

Anyway, my husband has a new Mustang and this weekend we went on a cruise with twenty other Mustang owners in a local car club. Driving through the countryside with the top down, wind blowing, radio blasting and the engine hum vibrating on the floor was exhilarating. As we were driving, it occurred to me that it is really important to connect the things you love with the work that you do so that you love your work and find purpose in it. If that isn’t possible for you right now, then it may be time to strategize how to make that happen for you.

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