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I am an American and I am a college Football fan. As the expression goes, “get used to it!”

Back in the 2001-02 time frame, when I was working in the Midwest, I wrote a lot about the differences between living in the U.S. and Canada. One of my sisters has long said that I missed my calling for being a tour guide. Perhaps writing down my observations for others to read is a consolation.

So here is a new observation. . .

Because my University team is so good this year (Iowa Hawkeyes—8-0, #4 in the BCS), I have spent more time than usual following football and watching American television. One thing you learn from watching the American stations is that College Football in the U.S. is typically sponsored by die-hard All-American companies such as General Motors, All State, AFLAC, Monsanto, Tostitos and TIAA-CREF. I think they had to cut beer advertisements awhile back to discourage under-age drinking. If American College Football were in Canada, they would be sponsored by Tim Hortons and RBC.

This year, with the economy in the dumper and GM needing to cut back on its advertising, I have been surprised by a new sponsor of College Football—Ro-Tel and Velveeta. A two-company advertisement? How unique. Yet, I’m still shaking my head. What is it? I get the cheese part, but what is Ro-Tel? Say it a few times out loud. . .Ro-tel and Velveeta. Visualize it. Is it food? Is it for human consumption or something you put in your sports car? It only makes sense if you physically see the commercial although I’d argue I’m struggling to say it is appetizing.

I promise you, the only possible equivalent in Canada would be if Hockey was sponsored by The Coalition to Provide Better Poutine.

This is one of those rare times that I permit you to make fun of my American friends (just not me).

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