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Goodbye to George

Although my dog Daphne is my most-known muse for blogs I may write about the HR and business fields, I had a second muse, George the cat. Sadly, we had to put George to rest early Monday morning. His little body just wouldn’t hold out any longer. He was ten and had been suffering from some health problems for the last year. For those that have been reading this circulation for awhile, you may remember stories of George travelling with me on an airplane, or teaching Daphne how to retrieve, or attempting to be the peacemaker in a decidedly alpha female household. He was such a happy cat; always cheerful and chatty. He was one of the best confidant’s ever, and a great friend. He was a reminder that there are all sorts of team members; and it is nice to have those around who are who are easy-going. I will miss him.

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