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Gratitude – Is It A Science?

Over the years, numerous studies have confirmed a link between a positive attitude and good health. It only makes sense that when you feel that your “life is great” that you want to take the best of care of your health. That way you can continue to enjoy the life you have. Make sense? There are numerous ways that people bring happiness into their lives, one way we might cultivate happiness could be through the expression of gratitude.

There has been research that shows what happens when people practice gratitude:

  • Improvements in your mood
  • In some cases stress is eliminated or greatly decreased
  • Enhanced quality of sleep
  • More energy to do things
  • Relationships begin to blossom and grow
  • Increased satisfaction with your life in general

Here are a few ways to benefit from having a grateful life:

1. Get yourself a journal and write.

Once a week, twice a week or whenever you think of something you are grateful for – write it down. I just heard from a colleague that there is now an app that you can use on your iPhone or Android, called Gratitude Journal, for those of you who prefer your devices instead of the old fashion writing approach. Remember when you’re writing to focus on yourself and your life experiences. What is it that happened on this specific day that made you grateful? Also you want to center on the moment and not just the person in the moment. For example – someone might say… I’m grateful for my grandchildren. Where the meaning of grateful stands out if you said “I’m grateful for the hugs and kisses I got today from my grandchildren”. Do you see the difference?

2. Experience life with no reservations attached.

Do you walk or run? Do you look around each morning when you get up and see what beauty is all around you? Take a walk and be grateful for the beautiful scenery around you. Or, get up early one morning and go to a place where you can watch the sunrise. Doing the most simplest of actions and witnessing all the opportunities we have in our everyday life is truly a sign of being grateful. As grandparents my husband and I make a point when we’re sitting the grandchildren to do all the things they love to do, like colouring, playing in the backyard and reading books. And we are so grateful for our health and those opportunities each and every day. What are you experiencing and being grateful for each day?

3. Commit to change and begin a life of gratitude.

What do you think? Can you begin each day by saying “I am grateful.”? During the summer months my husband and I like to sit outside on our deck where we have several hanging chimes. When the wind blows and the chimes begin to sing a song, I begin to meditate and vision all of my blessings. During the colder months we have our wood fireplace that moves me to close my eyes and reminisce about all that I have and love to do. Before long, you will find yourself looking for things that will help you and allow you to write in your gratitude journal!


  1. “Gratitude” such a simple word with profound impact. I really enjoyed reading your entry. With a background in Positive Psychology, I read various study that validate strong association of positive attitude and gratitude. Not only that, “Gratitude” can really help elevate one’s mood, and lift an individual to feel positive. Thanks for sharing your thought. Warm regards!

  2. Hi, Carmela. I noticed your article was posted on 1 August, but it’s still relevant today! (Of course it’ll be relevant until a long long time).

    But just one thing — the Gratitude Journal app is not available for Android, isn’t it? We Android users are always short-changed… No gratitude journal for Android users.

    • Theresa,
      I must admit I don’t know about the Android apps and if there is a Gratitude Journal app. What did we do before the apps came along….write in a journal…correct?

      All the best for 2013!

  3. Hi, Theresa and Carmela.

    There IS actually a gratitude journal app for Android users… Well, not before last month. It’s called the ‘Moments of Gratitude’ Journal, published by our team.

    Yes, Theresa, I agree that sometimes Android users are shortchanged too. Many great apps are available for iPhone users, but not Android users. But things are changing! With the increasing market share that Android is taking over, I hope thing will improve.

    Anyway, you’re no longer shortchanged with respect to an Android gratitude journal app anymore. Get the app for free at:

    Hope you enjoy it, and reap the benefits from writing it!

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