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Happy Anniversary EO Blog!

Five years ago this week, we launched the EO List blogsite.  The first post is full of giddy enthusiasm and idealistic beliefs about how we could change the world.  Our goal in launching was to be a beacon of ideas and to create an environment of sharing. Five years later, we’ve achieved some aspects of these goals.  Imagine where we’d all be if the true ideals had come to fruition.

In the coming months and years we, the EO Network, need to step it up.

If relationships matter in establishing meaningful employment, then we all need to a better job of digging deeper and connecting. Social media has come a long way in just five years, but the one thing that we’ve learned is that good relationships transcend social media. Essentially, that means we have to get outside of it more often. And, we can be purely passive in our interaction with others.

Today is American Thanksgiving. In the spirit of what this holiday means, I encourage you to take stock of your relationships and be thankful for them, and continue to pay it forward by helping others in the profession.

You can access the first post of the EO List website here:


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