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Why HR Should Care About Analytics

A year ago this time, I wrote a blog. It was late in the day, and I was drawing a blank, and was desperate for content. I suspect all serious bloggers experience this sort of blank. Suddenly, I got an idea for writing a blog on Passover, or more aptly whether it is an appropriate occasion to wish someone “Happy Passover” (By the way, it is).  It took all of five minutes to write, but it seemed to flow easily.

My webmaster took it, tagged it, and posted it, and well, the rest is history.

It had the highest hit ratio in EO history. Hit ratios are important for our site because we benefit when we grow. Apparently there is interest and space for such topics in an HR blog.

But I wouldn’t have known that if we didn’t keep up with the analytics for the site.

Let this be a lesson for HR folks, bloggers or not. You can’t focus your efforts, hone your craft, or make things better at your Company if you don’t have a sense of how you and your practices are resonating. To care is to care.

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