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Here it is, January 1st, and while watching the Rose Bowl, I’m writing a blog post.

I should make “stop procrastinating” one of my resolutions.  In reality, I was expecting some material to come in which didn’t and so here I am inventing material for The EO List at the last minute.

That’s typical, but not necessarily bad.  I can be creative under pressure.  This post will be good.

I want to make one of my HRResolutions to do something exciting in 2013.  Get out of my head.  Get out of myself.  Do something less “HRish”, less expected.

The longer I am in HR the more I realize that we need to be more audacious in what we do.  Sometimes I think we are about as exciting as actuaries.  Wait, let me take that back.  I’ve worked with several actuaries in my life, and they all have something dark and secret about them, something that falls flat against their reputation for being a boring lot.

Every once in a while I see an HR blogger use a swear word in a post.  When this happens, I’m not sure what to do.  It is sort of like porn; do I click away from the post or read it?  I have to admit from time-to-time I turn away from some of the more scandalous HR posts out of fear that someone might trace my readership and suggest that I agree with whatever point the blogger made (even if I do agree).

I seem to fear offending anyone.  That’s very HRish.

So, my HRResolutions are:

  • Do exciting things.
  • Stop worrying about offending anyone and spend more time saying what I mean.
  • Stir it up a bit.

What are your #HRResolutions?  Share them!


  1. Great post Bonni. It’s Feb 1st and I’m just reading it now. You know something…you’re bang on. And you just mentioned something to me on Wednesday night that fits in well with this…”Think big and just do it”. I have a tendency, as some do, to edit what I say before I say it…for fear of offending someone. I often think big but use the excuse that “I don’t have the time right now”…but instead I should be “making” the time.

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