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In Job Search, Careful What You Post

Social Media – Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, among other sites – can be a great tool in helping find contacts and employment, but it can also hurt your chances of landing the job if not used properly.

The good news is that social media can help find jobs you did not know about previously. Since approximately 75-80% of positions are not posted, social networking can at least help tap into those positions that are advertised. One can find postings on Twitter from either companies you follow, or from employees that hear of positions within their place of employment. LinkedIn, besides being able to post your resume for potential employers to see, also allows for employees to post available positions within their company. An acquaintance of mine got interviewed, and eventually offered a position, without applying for the job. He simply put his information on LinkedIn, and the company called him for an interview. Social media really works!

One may not think about Facebook as a place to look for employment. Not only is it a place to find contacts, it also has several pages that either list jobs or give information about websites that will help you find positions. In the subject line on Facebook, one can type in various options, such as “Hamilton Ontario Employment” or “Hamilton Ontario Job” for a few options to get you started. There may also be groups you can join on Facebook that are related specifically to your line of work. Join them to help yourself keep updated and to potentially find out about companies that are hiring in your area.

Be careful about what you post on social media. What you say, as well as the pictures you post, can hinder your chances of employment before you get to the interview. Years ago, I was invited for an interview. When I arrived, the interviewer informed me he had already looked at my LinkedIn and Facebook pages, and therefore knew a bit about my personality and interests. An employer may Google your name or look up your social media pages to find out about you before you even get to the interview! Keep in mind that the qualifications on your resume may help get you the interview, but your personality and the proper “fit” for the company are still vitally important. Always assume that potential employers will look for information about you – even if it’s just through a Google search — and form opinions of you. Present yourself in a way that will not prevent offers of employment!

Social media is a great source of information, both for yourself and for employers who are considering you for a position. Make use of what social media has to offer; it is a great tool when used properly.


  1. Recruiters/ HMs / HR mgrs rarely do it, they don’t care what you are on social media but what you are in reality, because 85% of recruiters / HMs / HR mgrs do not use social media.

    Companies would have a page on Linkedin, FB & handle on twitter they may even have a blog even the TAG team would have profile on these medias but not active.

    Here is what happened with me yesterday Dt. Apr 6th 2015

    Yesterday I called a recruiter working for a brand to check if they have a position for me, recruiter gave me her e-mail id asked me to send my updated resume to that reply I sent my Linkedin profile link & she replied saying need updated resume. When I checked her profile it was not complete, she did not bother to take efforts to view my LN profile instead of asking for my word copy.

    Entire TAG team of that company is on LN but none is active. I was actually surprised to see it. They are brand name but use of social media for recruiting is just 15%!!!!

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