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It is HRevolution Time

In a little over 72 hours I will once again be on the road to HRevolution.

On my Twitter profile I call myself an HRevolution Groupie. This is my fifth event. Needless to say I’ve drunk this Kool-Aid, and liked it, a lot.

HRevolution has been such a positive influence on my life and career. I have met extraordinary thought leaders there. I’ve met normal HR folks who have real HR jobs.  I’ve met HR pros who are downright funny, downright deadpan, somewhat off-centre or amazingly superhero-like.

There are people who you meet who instantly become your friends for life.  For me these include: survivors of an irrational tour guide in China, swim teammates, Kindergarten classmates, the 1985 residents of Burge Hall, sorority sisters and fellow employees at my first job. They are the type of people you don’t see every day but you feel so good when you connect with them. You share an experience. I would say that this describes the majority of the people I’ve met at HRevolution. Blogger types, twitter addicts, talent acquisition gods. We’ve experienced, and some might say survived, HRimprov together. And I’ve made a point to work on maintaining many of those connections; and it isn’t hard (except for Pam Ross, who still hasn’t forgiven me for volunteering her as an HRimprov contestant)

There’s been a lot of talk about session content this year. In the pursuit of perfection, I am concerned that powers that be have over-thought the content. I don’t want the absence of content, but I don’t want too much either. I just want some things to talk about.  I just want to be. I will gain something simply from finding myself in this state of mind. That’s happened to different degrees each time I go.

It is true that anything you go into will be great if you keep an open mind. Whether or not the content is great, I will get to see Trish and Jennifer and Robin and Shauna and Tammy and Frank and Paul and Matt and Dwane and Jason and. . . . this is all very good.

I’ll keep you posted.

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