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Like the “Best of Bridge” series, “More of the Best” Linkedin Tips

I received some good feedback from last week and so I decided to add a few more tips for getting the most out of Linkedin. I gave nine tips last week, so I am starting this week with number ten.

10. Use the “Network Updates” Feature.

This is the little box at the top of your home page where you can provide information about your status. Linkedin added this feature after Twitter started taking off. While I recommend using it, use it sparingly. I have seen some “bad” posts over the past few months. It isn’t a good place for a rant, nor is it a place to talk politics or religion.

11. Respond to Other People’s Updates.

It takes just a minute to respond to someone’s post. Perhaps they have a new job or were recently promoted. If they took the time to tell their network, the least you can do is send a small note of congratulations. Personally, I really enjoy reading what people are doing and new roles.

12. Integrate Your Address Book With Linkedin.

This provides you with a whole whack of information about your contacts—whether or not they are on Linkedin in particular. If you know your contact well enough to have a conversation outside your immediate business at hand, you might invite them to join your network.

13. Peruse Your Contacts Linkedin Networks

This is a follow-up to an earlier tip. It is amazing what you can learn about someone by the people they connect with over Linkedin. You may find other colleagues or you may find someone you’d like to be introduced to. Use this as a way to build your network.

Still not convinced? Give it try. . .and keep reading next time for more tips.

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