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What are you doing today? If you’re like me, you’re lounging quietly, sipping a cup of tea and enjoying Boxing Day. Days like this are perfect for catching up on all sorts of holiday reading.

One of my favourite undesignated holidays in this country is Listmas, or better known as the day you read all sort of hastily created lists designed to give regular bloggers a break from the responsibilities of producing real content.

It’s true. Every year around this time, the great HR lists come out. There are all sorts of lists. Top HR Blogs, Top HR Stories, Top HR Predictions, Top HR Fails–and we think we’ve found them all.

Our gift to you this holiday season is that we’ve put them all together in one location for easy reading.

Here they are:

  1. BambooHR’s Top 25 Most Socially Shared Blogs:
  2. 10 of the Best HR/L&D blog posts this year:
  3. HR Bartender’s Top Predictions for 2014:
  4. 25 Best Human Resources Blogs of 2013:
  5. Top Stories that Impacted HR in 2013:
  6. Top 9 HR Fails of 2013:
  7. HR Most Influential Practitioners:
    1. The U.S. List is at:
    2. The UK list is at:

Happy reading, and do share in the comments section any other relevant list blog you think the group might like to read.

All the best from all of us at EO.

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