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Look For A Public Service HR Job

When most people think of human resources jobs, employment in a large corporation is probably the first opportunity that comes to mind. Large businesses often have dedicated HR departments, attractive salaries and benefits, and are usually the ones that you can find represented at a job fair or forum. But this private sector work, while representative of many HR jobs out there, certainly does not cover the full spectrum of possibilities.

In the public sector, HR jobs are available through academic institutions, non-government organizations, and federal agencies. Many of these employers are cutting back on hiring and experiencing low rates of turnover, factors both of which make pursuing these positions a more daunting challenge. But it still takes only a few minutes to go onto the website of a federal agency, head over to their career opportunities, and see if there are any HR jobs available.

There is, however, one public sector area where HR jobs seem to be more prevalent and readily available:  municipal governments. Sure, working for a city may not provide the same financial benefits as working for a major corporation, but the work can be far more diverse and stimulating, and the job security of such a position is usually hard to beat.

For an example of the options out there, one has to look no further than Toronto. Over the past several months, the City of Toronto’s Human Resources Division has had numerous job openings advertised. A quick glance at the City of Toronto career website reveals a couple of the more recently-posted HR positions. For example, at the beginning of December, an opening for an HR consultant was added to the site. This position included wide-ranging responsibilities such as employee recruitment, staffing, talent research, program development, and client assistance. Due to its breadth of opportunities, its ability to service a city of 3 million, and its competitive salary ($68,000 to $85000 annually), the position is one that certainly holds an appeal.

So if you’re looking for HR jobs, make sure not to neglect the public sector, especially in the area of municipal employment. These jobs often have openings and can be more interesting than corporate work. Not to mention, despite offering salaries more modest than some in the private sector, you can still get paid twice as much as a temp position and more annually than you may make at a smaller firm. At the very least, for those in the job market, it’s worth a consideration.


  1. I have actually had my eye on the public sector since I took a serious interest in HRM, and have been hoping to find a municipal government co-op position. I’m looking to leverage my upcoming degree in Industrial Relations to find opportunities within that arena. Crossing my fingers!

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