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What Makes Us Different Makes Us Stronger

One of the key elements to having a successful and thriving organization is not to employ “like” individuals but rather to embrace diversity and differences.

All of us are different. We have different backgrounds, personal experiences, races, genders, cultures, the list goes on and on. We each have our own personal imprint which is different and unique from anyone else. These unique differences bring together different ideas, perspectives, understandings to an organization and in turn make that organization thrive.

Could you imagine working for a cookie cutter organization? An organization employed with people identical to you? Everyone would think the same, act the same, have the same ideas…but would the company really thrive and grow? No. It is the differences that we have that bring out new ideas, challenge the norm and create innovation.

Having a diverse workplace also improves company morale and creates an equal and ethical work environment. Being in a diverse workplace is educational and exposes you to things perhaps you were not aware. It can help open your eyes to different perspectives as each of us sees things in a different way.

Not only is it important to have a diverse workplace but also to embrace it. Embrace each other’s differences. Celebrate your differences and educate each other. The more that we know about our differences the more we can excel. Be open to others’ ideas, even if they are different than yours. Try to see things in the eyes of the beholder and be considerate that others may see things differently, and that’s ok. Not only is it ok but it is great! The more we see things differently, the more we learn, the more we are challenged and the more we grow.

Diversity is not good… it’s great!

Jennifer Charron, B.A., CPC is a Recruitment Partner with Lucas Professional Search Group, located in Windsor, Ontario.  You can learn more at  


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