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The Medium is the Message and the Medium is Big News…

As I proceeded to articulate what this concept means, I grasped at real life examples around me where there truly has been a blur between the medium and the message. Although content is supremely important, occasionally the medium breathes life into the message giving it a life of its own.

Over the years we have experienced and evidenced the far-reaching consequences of inventions that went on to shape humanity. These inventions brought us not just palpable, obvious results but also those that one may not have fathomed at inception.  These inventions have gone on to shape and reshape environments, culture, beliefs.

Let me elaborate with changes in our time – technology. Here is one area that continues to impact us 24 x7. Game changers like Apple and Samsung have shown us a fine celebration of when the medium transpires into the message itself. It has changed our perspective and outlook to how we approach our lifestyle. Could you have imagined music coming through a tablet, or reading books on one? It has revolutionized the very fabric of our culture, our business environment, our social outlook.

Why?  Take a look at re-engineering in the automotive industry and the “greening” of automotive transportation.  Soon greening will be the expectation and norm of our very today. And what about the financial market tools? What would happen if we have to go a day without credit cards? Did it not redefine our shopping habits as a society?

Leaders like Pope Francis, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, have shown us how through the power of word and deed, they transformed into the medium itself. Their message and communication acquired a meaning far beyond. The intent may have started with a strategic direction but led to a positive influence and change on our culture and our thinking.

Diana Dsouza-Saldanha is a passionate, tenacious HR leader. Her HR travels span over fourteen + years across the retail, energy, promotional, oil & gas, banking and educational industry. Diana is defined by the 3 strands that make up her DNA – her family, her never-say die attitude and her quest for learning. She also engages herself with public speaking, volunteering in her community and ‘staying the course’ with travelling.

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