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On the Bright Side

It is lousy out there today.  Bitter. Cold.  It is the kind of cold that beckons me inside, to lie under a heavy blanket near a warm fire, and do a whole lot of nothing. I’m really bad about wussing out when it is cold, needing inspiration sometimes to snap out of it.

I’ve always thought it is interesting that when it is this cold outside, typically it is bright and sunny. It is a reminder that there is a bright side to everything.

Bright sides aren’t always easy to see in the face of bitter cold. After all, at this point in winter, it can be a very dark place for those in the HR Profession.

Our people are facing their credit card bills.

With daylight at a premium, it is insomnia season.  Sleepy people can be very grumpy. We bear the brunt of this.

Their kids are cooped up and fighting, or worse, sick.  And they are going to bring it to work. Ugh.

It is T4 season, RRSP selection season, benefits renewal season, performance review season, and all the paperwork that drives us nuts season. By the way, isn’t it also the “aren’t we supposed to be getting rid of paperwork” season?

Photo Credit: Tony Brown, Flickr

But then there’s the bright side.

It is a new year.  After last year, there’s truly optimism in the air.

The days are getting longer every day.

Some people got some sleep over the holidays and came back fresher.  They even say hello more often, or at least their e-mails start with the words “Hello” or “Hi”.  That’s something.

Even better, some people have worthwhile and inspiring resolutions.  They’re infectious. I love reading these resolutions.  The ones for 2017 seem to be less diet focused and more activity/balanced focused.

There is time to achieve new goals.

There is a new budget.

Family Day is just 6 weeks away.

There are a lot of good indoor activities that need doing.  You know, changing the furnace filter and such.  Maybe even re-organizing a closet or two.

If you’re looking for a few ideas to look on the bright side, look here:

Me personally?  I’m putting everything on that groundhog.

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