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A Rant Against the Rise of the Rookie

This blog is part of our Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice series offered this Fall.

I read recently of the advantages of having the rookie mindset. This was translated into hungry to learn and unencumbered by rules, history and constraints. I bristled as I read this article and not just because I am a few decades past “rookie.”

Let’s face it, human resources is a murky place to be. Our days are fraught with shades of grey, endless situational analysis and trying to keep up with the impact of case law on our policies and practices. The answer to all this is “rookie mindset?” Really?

I respectfully suggest that that is one of many reasons why HR consultants have clients. We are brought in to help deal with the consequences of the exuberant rookie mindset!

As we read the latest and greatest management book available we need to ask ourselves some critical questions. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • Who would this apply to in my organization?
  • What industries would this be most relevant to?
  • Which functional areas of the business would most benefit from this approach?
  • In which functional areas would this likely be problematic?
  • How would implementing these ideas require a change to our due diligence practices?
  • What stage of the growth curve would you need to be at to realize the greatest benefit?

No doubt the creativity that comes from the rookie mindset has significant upside. I am all for taking a fresh approach. The creativity that comes from someone who is seeing and working through an issue for the first time can be a real eye opener. However, let’s not confuse good for some with good for all! That’s rookie lesson #1 in my book!

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