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Recruiting and Sourcing

How many times as a recruiter, are you faced with the challenge of not having the right candidate? In this changing economical and technologically advanced time you can’t solely count on your posting as a means to attract the right candidate. You are responsible for your own success as a recruiter and Human Resources professional. Rather than sit back and wait for something to happen you have to be proactive and not reactive especially when it comes to recruiting.

Some key areas to capitalize on when recruiting for a role that seems to be lacking applicant flow are:

Utilizing the Power of LinkedIn Searching 

  • Most professional have set up some sort of profile and can be searched. The approach for this should be a soft informative introduction. Even if people are not advertising that they are looking for a change, they will be interested in hearing about other opportunities. And if not, you have just made a connection and quite possibly someone that you can reach out to for future opportunities or referrals.


  • Referrals are the untapped hidden applicant source. Most great employees associate with other great employees. There is no harm in asking someone for a referral, most people like to help others. Networking goes along with referrals, networking is the key when looking for a candidate. Reaching out to your small business network for assistance will increase your visibility and at the same time help with relationship building.

Associations and Groups  



  • Associations have individuals and members that are industry specific. You can often reach out to the association or group and introduce yourself and the position you are working on and ask them to advertise the role within their group. Groups exist for a number of professions including Human Resources, Accounting and Engineering Professionals.

Social Media

  • Posting a blog, headline, or job posting on your LinkedIn and Facebook will instantly increase your audience level. With a single post you notify anyone that you have in your network with one single click that will direct them to your posting and that is a big and powerful way to directly reach any online audience.

Recruiting has evolved and our approach has to change and adapt as well. To be a successful recruiter you can’t just sit behind your desk expecting the resumes to flow in, you need to have alternate sourcing methods that will aid you in your recruitment efforts.

Magdalena Bencze is a recruitment partner at Lucas Professional Search Group Her background includes a diploma in Human Resources, and a degree in Commerce and an extensive history in recruitment and selection. She is currently a member of the HRPA of Windsor and has a passion for ‘finding the best candidate’.

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