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Retaining A-Players

5579518920_fff9824326_bCulture seems to be the big buzz word in today’s world and it’s a very important one! Everyone wants to create a winning culture to attract great team members and attain winning results.

Great culture + great employees = great/optimal results! Now when you’re trying to create an all-star team you want the best of the best! As your recruit/scout, you will notice that A-players want to work/play with A-players and want the right culture to do it in. It’s vital you have the right culture to not only attract them but to retain them.

As HR professionals we invest a lot of time and effort in recruiting top talent. A-players know what they want! When they are in pursuit of their next new ideal job and company, culture is important to them. Their career is their passion; they are committed to their work and want to ensure it’s the “right-fit” for them!

Organizations need to find various channels either through social media platforms, word of mouth/ employee referrals and website/ job boards to promote their company culture. They need to share why others should want to join their amazing organization/culture! It should be a privilege to join a great organization.

A few things that organization could do to promote the right culture are: promote company events, have employees promote these events through their social platforms, celebrate successes (big and small), recognize employees, allow employees an opportunity to work with the organization to give back to communities, offer competitive salaries, offer flex hours, robust benefit packages, summer hours, attract other A-players, build a sense of team, create a sense of belonging, practice transparent communication and trust A-players to do what they do best.

If you have the right culture, your A-players are not going to want to leave and will attract other A-players to your organization! When people are happy, engaged, feel they are making a contribution, are seeing results, respected and love what they do – amazing results are bound to happen.

Take a look around your organizations, why do you stay there? Why do other A-players stay? What can you do to get the word out that your organization is a great place to work at? The best avenue is through your people! Have them share why you’re great and have them attract the right people!

The right culture means different things to different people and every organization’s culture will look and feel different but in the end if you take a real look, you will notice common themes that can be grouped among all of them.

Remember people, organizations and business needs evolve and your culture will need to do the same to ensure you always attract and retain the best of the best.

Aman Randhawa is a mother of three, and an HR professional with over 10 years of experience in the field. She is passionate about people and thus thoroughly enjoys the HR profession. This is her second post in this forum. 



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