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Stop Waffling, L’Eggo My Ego, and Slap Chop Your Troubles Away

Last week I wrote a blog entitled “Ego and the Entrepreneur”. I’ll admit it was a little out there. I was trying to expand my comfort zone by writing about first-hand HR-related observations using a TV show as a backdrop. It was longer than a blog should be, and it went off topic several times, but overall I was satisfied with it.

Thanks to some folks on Twitter, this blog drew a much broader audience than the regular EO list readers. I’m confident that the content wasn’t good enough to have gone viral on its own. The readership increase was helped by some very good intentioned people who added totally unrelated humour to the piece through Twitter discussions. Their humour caused people to ask, “what’s all the fuss” and to read it themselves.

The two primary individuals who caused the stir were @SonnyJelinek and @MacBerry. Both are upstanding citizens with a quick wit and a willingness to be conversational on Twitter. Weird things happen on Twitter. I wish I could say that what happens on Twitter stays on Twitter, but that’s just not true.

This is the string of tweets:

@BonniToronto: My blog this week: Ego & the Entrepreneur–Perspectives on Executive Compensation

@MacBerry: RT @BonniToronto: Ego or Entrepreneur > Which one is @SonnyJelinek A legend in his own mind?

@SonnyJelinek: @MacBerry Is Ego similar to Eggo? As in “I wish @MacBerry would L’Eggo my Eggo?” @BonniToronto

@MacBerry: @SonnyJelinek @BonniToronto Stop waffling

@MacBerry: @BonniToronto @SonnyJelinek Maybe your original blog post was a typo and it was “Eggo and the Entrepreneur’?

@SonnyJelinek: @BonniToronto @MacBerry Now if we could just incorporate the Slap Chop…

@BonniToronto @SonnyJelinek New article: “Eggo, the Entrepreneur and One Slap Chop”

@titge: Bill 168. Slap someone and be chopped. RT @BonniToronto: RT @SonnyJelinek: @MacBerry …incorporate the Slap Chop…

The reference to the Slap Chop has some history. Between @SonnyJelinek, @Bdydbl and myself it is sort of an inside Twitter joke. If you are on Twitter late at night when you really should be doing something else, it is because you are having a boring life. The only way to stop having a boring life, you guessed it, is to buy a Slap Chop. @Titge’s connection to Bill 168 is there to try and help me bring this back to an HR focus, which is the purpose of my blog.

Some of the new readers agreed with my points, and some of them did not, but more likely the majority spent more time trying to understand why three grown people had devolved into a discussion of brand name waffles and “As Seen on TV” products for an article on Executive Compensation.

My point in all of this is that with social media, most of the time it takes more than the content to get people reading. Sonny, Bill & my husband John (e.g. @titge)—I owe you a RT!

To the rest of my HR readers—with regards to Bill 168: Slap and Be Chopped.

Back to my boring life. . .

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