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The “Art” of Dealing with Stress – Part Deux

The last time we talked in my blog entitled “The Art of Dealing with Stress in a Stressful Time” I had mentioned that I had written the NKE Exam on May 5. Let’s fast forward to July 5, 2012 at 11:30am. The results of the NKE would be emailed to me in exactly 30 minutes. Talk about stress with a capital “STRESS”.  I was trying desperately to remain calm, work hard and forget that my fate for the upcoming months would be decided in exactly 30 minutes, 29, 28… Oh who am I kidding, I wanted to vomit! So instead, I kept my cookies down and took my own advice.

  1. I went for a walk outside, around the office building.
  2. I deeply breathed in the fresh air, looked at the beautiful greenery around me and,
  3. probably the most important of all, left my cell phone in my office.

When I got back to my office the email was awaiting me on my Blackberry. The results of which would decide if I a) could celebrate and enjoy my summer with my beautiful family or b) hunker down and start the long process of studying to re-write the NKE exam in October. So I bit the bullet and read the email. And re-read the email. And read it again. Wait a minute, did that say I passed? I PASSED! When the realization sunk in I did three things:

  1. I yelled “YAHOO!!!” in my office.
  2. Then I yelled “I PASSED!!!”, while jumping up and down, my arms in the air, also while still in my office.
  3. Then I called my amazing hubby (@rossimichael) and cried my eyes out.

In those tears was the release of knowing I didn’t have to study again. But also in those tears was the celebration of knowing I had achieved my goal! I had worked hard, managed my stress, my family and my work and had been successful. The outpouring of celebration I received from those around me was wonderful. But best of all was the celebration I had with my family and the fact that they were proud of me.  I had been a role model to my kids in proving that working hard and believing in yourself helps you to successfully achieve your goals.

I have since been able to use what I have learned in so many ways.  The way I see and deal with stress at work is different. The way I try to deal with stress at home is equally different. I have also been taking more time to smell the roses and enjoy every minute with my friends and family. I have also used my time wisely in preparing my Validation of Experience portion of the CHRP certification. It has taken me a while as I have been repeating all steps for four HR positions. I submitted the information as I was typing this. Stay tuned…I will update you on the progress and if I was successful in 6-8 weeks. Let another waiting game begin…

On October 15 of this year I sent up a little prayer to those who were writing the exam. That they remembered what they had studied, that the questions made sense. That they felt they had accomplished a huge feat. Most of all that, when they finished they took a deep breath and were met with a huge hug from someone they care about (or a fellow exam writer, whichever is closer!). I hope they all did well and I also hope they have learned that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

Please take a moment and let me know what you have done to deal with your stress today. What are you grateful for today? What have you learned today? Oh, and take a moment to smell the roses (or your kids’ stinky feet, if you wish). This moment will never happen again.


  1. Hi Sherri,

    The situation you had lived in , while waiting for your NKE result, is your moment of truth which was WONDERFUL for me. I feeled like you had accomplish your dream !!

    I have sat for the NKE in OCT 12 and I will be by Dec 2012 in the same situation like you !!!

    Thank you Sherri, for having shared this moment of truth in your Professional life .



  2. Hi Sherri,

    Congratulations on passing the NKE. I am happy for you. Your steps to handling stress sound pretty good. I am looking for work in HR and I exercise every morning at GoodLife, unless I have a meeting or important phone call. Then I exercise in the afternoon. Exercise always helps me to feel good!

  3. Hi Sherri,

    Very well written blog.

    I can fully relate to what you have mentioned in my blog. I went through this in 2009, when I got my CHRP designation. For a minute I did not believe that I have got the designation. I then printed the email so that it does not get deleted. I then closed the email, reopened it again to ensure it is still there.

    More recently saw my wife go through the same process preparing first for her certification and then going through interview processes to find a job while taking care of our little one. Luckily at the end everything worked out for both of us. This made me realize 3 things:
    1) Each of these experiences makes us a better human being.
    2) It is not about you all the time, it is about the people around you.
    3) Enjoy the little things in life, as you have mentioned in your blog.

    I heard it recently behind every Idol, there are atleast a few Idols.

    • Hi Dinesh,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I am hoping others can relate to working hard and being proud of an accomplishment. I am so happy to hear the experiences you and your wife have shared ended on a good note. Also glad you realized those three points. Good for you!


  4. Hi Sherri,

    Congratulations, for passing the NKE!!!!!!!!!

    I choked as I read your article. I have similar situation to yours. However, in my case, I have to take 9 courses, and I down only with two. I read your earlier article.
    Amazing tips for managing stress.
    I pretty much to the same. Take time off, away from everything and be with nature. It is very rejuvenating.
    In addition, I would hunt for motivational quotes and remind myself of it all day. This helps me move towards a positive frame of mind.

    Thanks for writing this article.


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