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The Engagement Project, Blog 2

For the past week, I have been active in a Twitter project called #TEPHR (“The Engagement Project in Human Resources”).  I had been feeling staid in my Twitter interactions and felt that we needed to find a way to connect HR Pros from around the world in a truly engaging way.

Before I started #TEPHR, I set some goals.  In the process, I have found some that are easy to achieve, others impossible.  Here is an update:

Goal 1:  Reach 5000 tweets by October 28th.  As I write this, I am at 4821 so I am pretty confident that I can make this goal in time.  I have found it very difficult to always be engaging in Tweets, but there have been some surprising exchanges that have resulted in tangible outcomes including an agreement to hold a Great Lakes HR Wine Unconference (#GLHRWine) in the spring of 2011, and establish an HR Foodie (#HRFoodie) group.  There have also been requests to establish a Detroit/Windsor HR Group and a Niagara/Buffalo Twitter group.  The best part about trying to be engaging is that humour is virtually always required.

Goal 2:  Engage in at least 15 different hashtag chats.  This goal has been much more difficult to achieve than I originally thought.  Some HR hashtag discussions are well-developed and there are many participants, but others less so.  Sometimes discussions start spur-of-the-moment.  This past week I particularly enjoyed #tchat and #HRhappyhour. I still have six more hashtag discussions to find.

Goal 3:  Highlight all the dailies and HR Blogs.  I haven’t focused on this that much yet.  I will likely focus on this for Follow Friday (#ff).  If you have one you really like, please post it to #TEPHR.

Goal 4: Find 300 new HR Pros to follow and increase my followers who are HR Pros by at least 300.  This has been among the most time consuming activities, but very much worth it.  I have found 142 new HR Pros on Twitter so far, and have increased my followers list by 56.  I have found hashtag discussions helpful, along with #ff.  I do not know if I will achieve my goal but I will say I had fun trying.  On this subject, I’m very interested in suggestions.

Goal 5:  Increase interest in The EO List.  The posting of the blog last week resulted in more than 50 Retweets, a record for EO.  As of this week, I am hopeful that our distribution network crosses 2000 HR Pros.  Between Friday October 21st and today, 21 new people joined The EO List.

Goal 6:  Post at least 2 blogs on #TEPHR.  I will achieve this goal assuming I can post another blog by Friday morning.

Goal 7:  Get to know better at least 20 new people who will become LinkedIn connections.  So far, my connections have grown by 11, so I think by the end of the week I will have achieved this goal.  One area I have focused on are people I met at #hrevolution this spring but to date have not connected with that much.  It makes it easier to make a LinkedIn connection if you physically know what they look like and you’ve shared a burger at Flip restaurant.

Goal 8:  Have as much fun as humanly possible and show my enthusiasm.  I have had so much fun on this project, and I would like to thank numerous people who have made it easy for me.  To be honest, the experience has been a little humbling.  There was a surprise on Friday when @joribartlett wrote this tribute at (and I will definitely ensure her blogsite is now on The EO List’s blog roll).  Then, there was a surprise on Monday when my favourite Brit @mervyndinnen wrote “Hands Across The Water” to help us connect Canada and the UK.  We all need to be on the lookout for @StevebrowneHR and the HR Net’s Rush Tribute to Canadian HR later this week.

Side Effects:  I’m actually feeling a little guilty I didn’t put this into my goals, but one of the best side effects of #TEPHR has been that many others have been able to engage with other HR folks.  It has been really neat see people connect from all over the Canada and the U.S and beyond.

If you haven’t participated yet, the #TEPHR hashtag will remain active for a while yet.  On behalf of everyone who has participated, we look forward to meeting you.



  1. I am so enjoying the project; having a concentrated effort to find and ‘meet’ other HR people is already paying off as I participate in #TEPHR. Thanks Bonni for spearheading this!

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