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The Joys of #TEPHR

It has already been a week since the last #TEPHR chat session.  Even though I still connect with many of the participants on a daily, but brief basis, I am having withdrawal.

I haven’t used the words “good fortune” before to describe how I feel about connecting with the participants of #TEPHR. I get so much out of it. What a great vibe!

Where did all these nice HR folks come from?  Why is it so easy to get to know them?

The #TEPHR chat I am referring to was held on the night of the U.S. election. I thought about the significance of this before I scheduled it then.  Pit an evening of politics against an evening with a group of people who seem to defy politics, and what do you get?  A really great time…  I think most participants would agree (and participants, back me up here by posting a supportive comment to this blog).

Outside of Twitterverse, I do get comments from some people who think I’ve joined a cult because I may spend an hour or two of my time per week in HR-related chat sessions (oh those mystical powers of @robinschooling and @sbrownehr).

I know this sounds snotty, but I’ll say it anyway…  People who only connect to get something are takers, and have no idea how to build something great by giving. Thankfully there aren’t too many takers that show up to HR chats like #TEPHR.  As an example it was really cool to read tweets offering differing perspectives on HR’s role in politics and elections.  It was highly constructive even if not everyone came from the same perspective.

Sure, I run into a whole lot of people who try and take online. The nice part is that they are easy to ignore. Unfortunately takers still own phones and are more difficult to avoid that way.  I’m so glad door knocking has lost its popularity–perhaps because we’re all losing our IRL skills with strangers!

All I’m trying to say is that my life is richer because there are such great HR folks out there who understand how to collaborate and connect, and I really enjoy the folks who show up to #TEPHR.

Thank you.

That is all!


  1. Bonni – this is soooooo true! There are many people who don’t “get” (and OK, some “get” but don’t “like”) twitter chats and therefore minimize the connectiveness that can come from participating. The sense of community, the exposure to varying viewpoints around a specific topic – ALL stuff that I just totally groove on.

    And thanks be to YOU for running the #tephr chat – !! 🙂

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