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When you are planning a career transition

For some, job change is an overwhelming process. Going through resume reviews, job applications, interviews and then anxious wait to hear back. Ask me what makes the process even more exhausting and I would say its career transition – moving from one job type to another.

When you have knowledge, skills and confidence to pursue a new career but lack experience for the new role, its challenging to compete with others who have it all. Is there anything one can do to make the transition smoother ?

Share your story

Everyone has a story, so what’s your story? Who are you, what you do, your professional and personal journey. Why do you consider this change, how are your preparing yourself for the change, what do you wish to achieve or accomplish, let others know. Employers are interested to know you as a person , your core strengths and how you can benefit them (employer). So reach out and tell your story and with many social media apps available, its easier than before to make and sell your brand.

Informational interviews

This probably is the best and quick way of knowing about the organization, career or industry of your choice. Your social network or a common connection is a good way to connect with the relevant people in your desired role or industry. You can also approach through a personal reference to meet the person who can help your with the information. Such meetings are called Informational Interviews. They are often conducted in a formal fashion where you get an opportunity to ask questions, get insights and inputs and also hear experiences from those who have been working in the role that interests you. If you already know the person concerned, why not invite him/her for informational interview over a cup of coffee and get the conversation rolling?

Network with those in the trade

Looking for a new career, its time to build up new network too. Meet and connect with people who are in the same profession. Social media is open to all and people often are willing to help if you approach them. So utilize the opportunity to hear their stories, understand their opinion, their challenges and take their advice. In this social media age, a great network is often first step to a new job .

I shared a few tips from my personal experience that I am finding helpful while in transition stage of my career. An important point is to keep remanding yourself that consistent efforts in the right direction won’t disappoint for long. What would you suggest me and many more others about making that career transition?


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