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Where Does Your True Greatness Lie?

“Examine yourself; discover where your true chance of greatness lies. Seize that chance and let no power or persuasion deter you from your task.” – Schoolmaster in Chariots of Fire.

How does a person determine where their true greatness lies? Do we just wander through life hoping that trial and error experiences will eventually manifest what we can be great at? Do we hope that others will suggest what they think we can be great at? Or do we just throw our hands up and give up on trying to be great, and resolve ourselves to the state of “Mediocrity is good enough?’ Just be average, blend in with the rest of the world? Unfortunately, that is what most of us have relinquished ourselves to, just be good enough. I know, because I was there letting life pass me by.

That is all well and good, you say, but it is easier said that done when you are not even for sure you can be great at anything! The reason so many of us are burned out, disenchanted, and plain frustrated with our careers, family life, finances, and life in general is because we have ceased striving to be great! For me I had put life on cruise control and didn’t care anymore. We have, somehow along the way, lost our sense of purpose and direction. We are letting life happen to us rather than us taking control of our life. That’s what I needed to do…take control again.

It’s been my experience the first step is to confront the brutal facts, and then to develop a plan to change our circumstances. For me, it happened in 2009 when I decided to change my career and go back to school. I no longer was happy doing what I was doing and needed change. My plan was to get my accreditation in coaching and start my own business. I suggest the first step to developing that plan; create a Personal Mission Statement. God has instilled in us the innate desire to have a sense of mission in our lives. A Mission Statement is what will make your life successful. For me it’s my life purpose, to use my knowledge and experience to bring clarity, compassion and heart to the lives of others.

There is a good reason why every successful company has a clear inspirational Mission Statement emblazoned on a plaque usually posted at the front entrance of their facility, it motivates, and it communicates a common direction that each employee will follow. You, as an individual or your own business need to view yourself as a successful company. A clearly stated Mission Statement will allow you that same direction and instant frame of reference for all of your life choices.

Here are steps that I recommend to help you develop your Personal Mission Statement:

  • Understand that this is more a process of discovery than creation.
  • Don’t rush the process, move slowly and think deeply about the meaning of each category.
  • List your skills and abilities. (Teaching, organizing, planning, singing, etc.)
  • List your personality traits. (Creative, analytical, cheerful, calm, expressive etc.)
  • List your values, dreams, and passions.
  • List 2 or 3 of the most significant people in your life. Then remember the qualities that you most admire in these people. What have you gained from being around these people?
  • Write a rough draft of your Mission Statement. Summarize your skills and abilities, personality traits, values, dreams and passions.
  • Evaluate and improve regularly. Develop your Mission Statement into a working document that you update as your life changes and matures.
  • Implement! Keep your Mission Statement where you can refer to it regularly. By creating a Personal Mission Statement, you have effectively set yourself apart for accomplishment and onto “Great” things. Enjoy the journey!

If you’re interested in discussing change in your life feel free to contact me through my website or email me at I offer a complimentary coaching session to determine if coaching is right for you.


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