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Why We Should Stop Talking About Respect

We’re whiny. We’re sulky. We pout. HR people spend a lot of time focused on gaining the respect of an organization. We complain that we’re not taken seriously or that we’re not included. We love to talk about seats at the table and how we’re not in them. We are annoying. Wait, am I whining now?

We should stop whining, sulking and pouting. People who are respected don’t do those things. We should stop telling people we aren’t taken seriously. People who are taken seriously don’t tell people they are not taken seriously. Didn’t your mother ever teach you about self-fulfilling prophesies? You know that thing about your face staying that way if you make a silly face for too long. And seriously, let go of the table thing. Do you think anyone who has a seat there talked getting a seat at the table?

Maybe you’re thinking “fine Jorden, but we do want to be respected for what we do. If you’re so smart, tell us how to do that without whining, sulking and pouting.” There is a simple solution here. It might take time and patience. Show your value. Demonstrate how you make the company better. Illustrate examples of how HR is more than interviews and potlucks.

Now you might be thinking “well Jorden, I took your advice and my company says that HR should stick to HR. Now what?” To you, my friend, I ask why would you want to work somewhere that doesn’t value your work. Go find another job. Two things will happen. One, you will find somewhere that appreciates your work. And two, your previous employer will realize how much value you added and beg you to come back. While I can’t guarantee they beg you to come back, they will realize that you were valuable to the team.


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