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You Hired Their Spouse Too

This blog will be short this week because I’m out celebrating a milestone—my twentieth wedding anniversary.

John and I started dating when I was seventeen. For a long time, I thought we were the only couple out there who married their teenage sweethearts. I have discovered however that there are lots of others. I get the impression that when people meet young and make it past the first couple of years, they stick together until the end.

I realize how lucky I am in having my husband John in my life. He is my best friend and partner. He’s a funny, smart and caring individual. We’ve experienced “for richer and for poorer” and “in sickness and in health” and have come through whatever adversity stronger than before.

That said, I won’t get all sappy on you in the middle of this blog; after all I use this primarily for business purposes. I thought however it would be appropriate to say one thing—that it is more often than not, when you hire someone, you are also hiring their spouse. Think about it. These days, it takes two to go to work. It just isn’t possible to do everything by yourself and get to work every day on time.

In my career, my husband has been a godsend. He looks out for my best interest. He has taught me more about programming macros in Excel than even he thought he ought to know and whenever I run into a statistical math problem, he helps me to solve it. He reads what I write for this blog and tries to give me suggestions to make it better. He goes to all the charity events I attend, the class graduations, and the various rubber chicken dinners without complaint. He takes photographs at events when I can’t get a professional photographer and delivers materials that I might’ve left at home. He picks me up from the airport when I am travelling on business and accompanies me whenever I have to go somewhere that may not be completely safe for me to go alone. He feeds the dog so that I don’t have to rush home before going to teach at night. More important, he does the best he can and fends for himself whenever I can’t be there to cook dinner. Better yet, he ensures that my dinner is hot when I get home whenever I work late. He makes sure I’ve packed my umbrella. And he does all of this and still manages to have a successful career on his own. He is absolutely the best partner I could ever find.

You’ll have to ask him how I help him.

If you are looking for some new way to recognize your employees, you may want to start by finding a way to recognize their spouses. They’re the best volunteer labour you can get.

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